Ainsley Fink

Teen Committee Member

Hope Means Nevada

Ainsley Fink is a founding member of the Hope Means Nevada Teen Committee. She has been active with Hope Means Nevada community since its creation and throughout its growth. She continuously works to destigmatize mental health and bring more conversation to the topic. During the COVID era, Ainsley supported her friend, Caroline, in advocating for teen mental health. She attended an online panel for a discussion on teen mental health. She helped witness the signing of Senate Bill 259, awarding 3 mental health days to all Nevada students and printing a suicide hotline on the back of each student ID. Ainsley is currently a student-athlete attending the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon after graduating as a Co-Valedictorian with a scholars diploma from BishopGorman High School in 2022. She played in 10 games, starting 4, all during her first collegiate soccer season. She is working toward completing a major in Neuroscience with a minor in business. Ainsley is also a lifelong Girl Scout who received her Gold Award with her project, “Communities for Cats.” She led the project with the motto “it only takes one… with a lot of helpers,” proving that once one person acknowledges necessary change, they can lead the masses. She applies this idea in all aspects of her life. When she is not on the soccer field or engaging in community service, Ainsley loves to wake surf, ski, cliff dive, and spend time with friends and family. She also loves returning to Las Vegas, where her parents and brother still reside.