Caitlyn Eikelberger

Caitlyn Eikelberger

Teen Committee Member

Hope Means Nevada

Hey, I’m Caitlyn! I’m a member of Speak Out with JTNN, and a Junior at Damonte Ranch High School.

Mental wellness is very important to me. I have struggled with various mental illnesses in the past and a few I still struggle with today. Knowing what it feels like, my goal is to reach out to my community to let teens and anyone know that it’s normal and it’s okay. I’m looking to diminish the stigma around mental illnesses and promote mental health so people can be open and get the proper help that they need. I want to inspire people to live healthier and more happier lives no matter what that looks like. We are all different and unique so let’s find the unique ways anyone can help themselves or get professional help.

I have chosen to join the Hope Means Nevada teen committee because I want to reach out to any person who may need it to share my own personal experience to help others find their own mental wellness awakening!