Kallysta Hayduke

Teen Committee Member

Hope Means Nevada

Hi! My name is Kallysta, also known as Kally and I am a sophomore in high school! I have been actively advocating for mental health since 2020 and have been a part of a couple other non profits like “Robbie’s Hope” and “End The Silent Epidemic” and have been vice president of a NAMI club at school. I am so excited to join this group and continue spreading awareness about a topic that is so important to me. I hope that through these groups, I will continue reminding others that “it is okay not to be okay.”
Outside of advocacy, I am a competitive dancer at “The Dance Zone”. I spend most of my time at the studio or competitions, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love getting to express myself through dance and showing people another side of myself on stage! When I’m not at dance I love to read and write.